Show Relevant Information

‘Everything you do is either effective or ineffective.’ – Leif Babbin

Show don’t hide
Remember and default
Expand is your friend

Relevant: Closely connected or appropriate to what is being done or considered.


Show don’t hide

What information might be needed to achieve the objective?

Do not oblige the users to remember information or require them to navigate to get supporting information.

Don’t require users to remember data

Users should not be required to memorise information from one part of the system to another in order to perform a task. Users should never be required to supply information that the system already knows. They should never be required to do the thinking for the system.

Remember and default

What information provided by the user is likely to remain relevant in future interactions?

Should not have to enter information again.

Offer defaults if possible.

Auto complete.

Expand is your friend

What information can be condensed for clarity but easily shown without requiring navigation to new page?

Instead of navigating consider sections that expand to show additional information, or outside the standard screen size.

Don’t deluge the user with information irrelevant to their goals.