Optimise the Composition

This is where clarity, use and efficiency must be optimised. There will be trade-offs.

Optimize the use of real estate
Know your options
Know your technical architecture

Composition: The way in which a whole is made up of its components.


Optimise the real estate

Where is the best place, in terms of form and function, to place things?


Less is more but there is a difference between simplicity and being simplistic; clever design allows the user to provide the user with at least the option of easily accessing everything they may want. Beware, simple can be the enemy of useful.

Filters allow for re-tasking at different dimensions or hierarchical levels of the same real estate.

Less navigation is generally better. Wizards are good for new user but get tedious.

Users feel better if they think they have a mental picture of the whole application.

Repetition is fine. If two components need to be viewed together and in different places, then show them twice.

Know your interaction options and standards

How can I interact with the system?

Designs need to be mobile friendly almost always.

Click, hover, list, multiple-selection, radio-buttons, check-boxes, drop-down lists, auto-complete, auto-search, swipe, hold, tap, double tap, voice.


iOS Spectific

Android Spectiic

Know your technical architecture

How does the system create, read, update and delete data?

Push, pull, on-line, off-line, micro-service.