Communicate Clearly

‘A matter that becomes clear ceases to concern us.’

Design is communication
Don’t clutter but do fill
Give clear feedback

Clarity: The quality of being coherent and intelligible.


Design is communication

Visual clarity.

Maximise visual clarity. Clear design is clear communication.

Everything must be clearly arranged, self-explanatory and consistent.

No matter how complex the process the means of achieving a user’s goal should be clearly understandable.

Space evenly

Ties with logical presentation

Give visual cloues.

Don’t clutter but do fill

Always provide users with obviously marked tools they need to perform tasks and navigate the system. These must be in a consistent position and format.

Balance the consistency of layout with user story requirements; don’t deluge the user with control choices if they are not relevant.

Give clear feedback

Do not use technical system-based terminology, or cryptic labels or error messages that non-technical people or users new to the system do not understand.

Sound and touch feedback